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  1. Welcome to our new and revamped website of Delhihouse of Bestcurry restaurant, we do have restaurant service (Check our Menu), takeaway, evening food delivery service to home/hotels, Lunch menu delivery service to offices, catering service and cooking classes.
  2. You can order your food using our online portal (click at online order on Menu) and we deliver excellent and fresh healthy Indian food at your doorsteps within 1 hour to 1.5 hours. For catering we need pre-orders
  3. We deliver authentic Indian food to offices, hotels and homes in and around Zurich (check delivery zones on Menu and let us know if your zone is around 20kms from us if zip code is missing). You don't have to travel all the way to India to enjoy traditional treats now. We have brought you big variety of snacks, special dishes (including various Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-free dishes) at your doorsteps. Find your dish from our menu and enjoy it.
  4. We have delicious vegetarians, vegan dishes. We provide a large variety of vegetable curries and Lentils (Dal soup etc). Dishes are normally not hot and spicy.
  5. We have more than 30 mouth watering Non-vegetarian (Halal) dishes including Indian kebabs. You may let us know the spice level and our chef would be delighted to adjust spices.
  6. Our Menu not only encompasses all the famous known Indian dishes but also offers regional specialities which is waiting to be explored by you. Come and try every dish. Surprise and indulge yourself in learning and exploring new food.
Meat Declaration
  1. Lammfleisch aus der Schweiz
  2. Kalbfleisch aus der Schweiz
  3. Pouletschenkel aus der Schweiz
  4. Pouletbrust aus Brasilien/ Ukraine (Kann mit nichthormonellen Leistungsförderern, wie Antibiotika, erzeugt worden sein.)
  5. For allergy information would request you to speak to us or check Menu items for information on contents and nuts